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Upcoming Events:

Art Exhibition:  "Over Image: Empathy ~ Transformation ~ Abstraction"

Artists Geoffry Dean Hinton, Stephen Brown and Marcus Grandon collaborated on a three-man gallery exhibition.   "Over Image:  Empathy ~ Transformation ~ Abstraction" was the inaugural exhibition for the S-Space Gallery in Fujieda City.

***Click here to read a detailed explanation of the exhibition.

New Release:

Shizuoka Cherry Blossom Festival

Held annually on the first weekend in April, the Cherry Blossom Festival is the biggest event of the year in Shizuoka City.  A seemingly uncountable number of people attend and/or participate in the three-day event at venues all over town.  Cherry trees throughout the city seem to miraculously comply by blooming just in time making for a dramatic backdrop to performances by thousands of participants.  What most don't know is that every year four local boys are selected to learn and perform an ancient and sacred dance on the main stage of the famed Sengen Shrine.  

***Click here to play video of the Cherry Blossom Festival.



Excerpts from Noh Hamlet

Kuniyoshi Ueda as Hamlet

May 25, 2004 at Osaka Sakai Noh Theater

We were recently asked by ISHCC in Japan to create a short video of "Noh Hamlet in English". If you have never seen Noh, a typical performance lasts about an hour, but it was requested that we make the video 5 minutes or less. We created two versions, one condensed version of the story (5 Minutes), and the other a promotional trailer (2.5 Minutes).

Click here to play the teaser trailer for Noh Hamlet.

Click here to play the condensed version of "Noh Hamlet in English".

Welcome to our site!

The main thrust of our work is to produce cultural, educational and documentary videos.

On this site you'll find information about our activities, along with descriptions of our special video and audio productions. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our multi-media.

We create videos that people love to watch.
Reel of Film
"Sharing Local Ideas Globally"

Grand Marquee Productions
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Phone: (054) 221-0113 
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Or e-mail:

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Our speciality is to produce short, visually exciting videos that people love to watch over and over. They are usually culturally based in content, but we also record events that act as an archival record and preserve history.


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